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"That Sugar Film" trailer

This film is about a guy who was fit and healthy, then started eating the recommended daily amount of sugar.

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LCHF is the Shit

It's hard arguing with years of conventional wisdom. I seem to have these kinds of conversations often.

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Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off

I love this video from a plain spoken, real guy who explains how he lost 145 pounds in 14 months on a LCHF diet.

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"Cereal Killers 2" Trailer

This movie shows the benefits of fueling your body with healthy fats and dispels the notion that you need to "carb-load" before high endurance events.

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Got Diabetes?


Disclaimer: I am not a physician and none of this should be taken as medical advice. The point of this post is to show you that many people are able to reverse the effects of Type 2 diabetes (or prevent it in the first place) without medication if they simply make better lifestyle choices. If you are currently taking medication to treat Type 2 Diabetes, consult your physician before changing your diet or altering your dosage. 

More and more evidence is suggesting that a ketogenic diet can actually reverse Type 2 Diabetes despite the ADA's claim that T2D is a progressive disease that can only be managed with medication. If you are diabetic, or pre-diabetic, watch this 18 minute TEDx Talk by Dr. Sarah Hallberg and see for yourself: 

NOTE: many people have pre-diabetes and do not even know it, so watch the video anyway.


Fed Up is available on Netflix and is a must watch.


The Sugary Truth - Sugar is the reason that 1 in 5 kids and 1 in 3 adults are...

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There are no shortcuts

I have a FB friend (who shall remain nameless) who posted an image to Instagram of his scale showing that he lost 3 pounds overnight in effort to promote a weight loss supplement that he promotes via a multilevel marking company claiming that it really works!!!!

The problem is, I scrolled back through his Instagram feed to May of 2015 when he first started promoting the product. In 13 months, he's down a grand total of 1.5 pounds! Woohoo!

Coincidentally, I also started eating #lchf (or #Keto) that same month (May of 2015) and since then, I'm down over 55 pounds and I didn't spend a single dime on shakes, pills, teas, supplements or and single product branded for weight loss.

There are no shortcuts to long term, lasting weight loss.

You need a solid plan, then you need to STICK TO THAT PLAN!!!!

You need to change your lifestyle. That's what the Lazy Man's Challenge is all about.

We're here to help you radically transform your life once and for all and we're not trying to sell you any...

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Safety First


The number 1 excuse I hear from people who are interested in the Keto lifestyle, but never try it has to do with their fear of saturated fat and cholesterol. 

But what if... all of the "conventional wisdom" around saturated fat and cholesterol is wrong?

There are so many myths and misconceptions floating around out there that it's hard to know where to begin, but let me emphatically say:

  1. The link to saturated fat and heart disease simply DOES NOT EXIST!
  2. People with higher cholesterol tend to live longer than those with low cholesterol.
  3. Sugar, grains and processed vegetable oils are the real reasons behind the growing obesity epidemic and many chronic diseases.

Just about everything we've been taught about diet, nutrition & weight loss for the past 50 years is WRONG!

I've assembled a few resources to help put your mind at ease and to help you get over your fear of fat.

Video Clips and Trailers

This 2.5 minute clip from the documentary "Fat Head" explains how saturated fat...

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