Need Help Losing Weight?


If you are fat, and you don't want to be fat anymore...


You are ready to do something about it... 



*This was me in 2010, just shy of 300 pounds and a few months before I started living the low-carb lifestyle!

Need Help Losing Weight?

If you are fat, and you don't want to be fat anymore AND you are ready to do something about it...


*This was me in 2010, just shy of 300 pounds and a few months before I started living the low-carb lifestyle!

The Harsh Reality of Obesity:

Obesity is Keeping You From Living Your Best Life

It may not be polite or politically correct to bring up someone’s weight or body composition, but I assure you... this is not about fat shaming.

This is about vastly improving the quality of your life by improving the status of your health.

Most of the leading causes of death: Cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer's... are all linked to obesity.

The good news is that they are mostly preventable through proper nutrition and better lifestyle choices.

Whether you adopt a low-carb lifestyle in an effort to lose weight and your health improves...

Or you adopt the low-carb lifestyle for the health benefits and you experience significant fat loss as a side effect, either way, it's a Win-Win!


Need Help Losing Belly Fat?

  • If you are frustrated by your lack of progress despite your best efforts

  • If you are confused about all of the conflicting dietary advice

  • If you are uncomfortable in your own skin

  • If you feel hopeless about ever getting the body you want

  • If you are concerned about your health

The KetoCode™ was made for you!


The KetoCode™ Will Help You:

✔️ Improve your health, boost your energy, and shrink your waistline

✔️ Shift your mindset and ditch the dieting mentality for good

✔️ Customize the low-carb lifestyle to work for you and your goals

✔️ Stay accountable and implement the plan

✔️ Develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime

✔️ Eliminate the confusion about all the conflicting dietary advice

✔️ Get the maximum results with minimal effort

How It Works:

You are 3 steps from Lasting, Life-Changing Fat Loss:

Know It

Eliminate the guesswork and discover exactly what to do in order to burn body fat for fuel

Do It

Get the motivation, accountability, and support you need to execute the plan

Make It Stick

Develop habits that help you turn this diet into a lifestyle so the results last!


Real People, Real Results

When you implement The KetoCode™ into your life... you lose body fat! It is that simple.

Here are some of my former clients who completely transformed their bodies, minds, and lives. By investing in some help, you are far more likely to stick to the plan and end up with your own versions of these before and after photos!:

Majesta H. Alma Center, WI 

"Before Ketology, I was stuck. As a single mom, nothing seemed to ever work long term. Now I am down 60 pounds and counting and I am never going back to the old me!

Jason K. Chicago

Jason lost 70 pounds in 100 days without working out and while his results are not typical... they are possible. The more committed you are, and the more strictly you follow the step-by-step plan, the better your results will be.

Shawna K. San Diego

"In January 2017, I signed up for Ketology and lost 59 pounds in 14 months. I went from a size 14/16 to a 2/4 and I've kept it off for years! I feel healthy and full of energy.

The KetoCode™ saved my life!"

Jeff S. Huntington Beach

"I can’t say enough about Coach Becker’s Keto Code™ Program. January 2021 will mark 5 years I have been living this lifestyle, I have lost 115 lbs so far and don’t ever plan on going back to eating the way I used to."

There Are 3 Ways I Can Help

Depending on how much support and guidance you need, I have three different ways to experience The KetoCode™:

Join the Community

If you already know about low-carb, but struggle to stick with it... get your daily dose of motivation, accountability, and support as you live the low-carb lifestyle.

Lose 20-40 Pounds in the Next 90 Days

Whether you are new to low carb or you simply need to get back on track, The KetoCode Reset is a 90-day challenge designed to help you improve your health and optimize your body composition.

Get 1-on-1 Support

If you need to lose 75 pounds or more, I invite you to schedule a free coaching call to see if you would benefit from having a professional accountability partner and fat-loss coach.


The KetoCode™ IS NOT about Weight Loss

It is about FAT LOSS. And it's not even really about fat loss... it's about HEALTH GAIN.

Fat loss, and the subsequent weight loss, are just really nice side effects!

It's Time to Choose:

  1. Do nothing. If you aren't ready to make a change, no judgment... I was once there too, but unfortunately, I can't help you. 

  2. Try Harder. Keep doing the same thing over and over and maybe things will change this time? ( Just kidding... that's the actual definition of insanity!)

  3. Do It Yourself. Obviously it is possible to adopt a low-carb lifestyle on your own. The basic principles are simple... stop eating sugar, grains, and processed seed oils. Unfortunately, changing a lifetime of eating habits is easier said than done. This option is better than nothing and if you go this route, I sincerely wish you the best of luck! 

  4. Seek Professional Help. By enrolling in one of our  programs, not only will you get access to our step-by-step foolproof plan, you will be equipped with the tools and resources to put the plan into action so that you get the results you want!