Why I don't trust the USDA

videos Nov 28, 2018

If you're wondering why I don't trust the USDA, The American Heart Association, and The American Diabetes Association (and why you shouldn't either)... this 43-minute video sums it up perfectly:

If you don't have 43 minutes to spare, here's my take on it:

It comes down to deciding who you should trust... "the wisdom of the crowds", or "the vision of the anointed".


A few prominent doctors, scientist, and researchers came up with a theory in the 1950s that saturated fat lead to high cholesterol which led to heart disease based on some very flawed science. 

Turns out... it's completely false.

But, because they were the "smart ones" it just became common knowledge and no one questioned them.

Those that dared question their findings were often ridiculed and their funding was cut off.

Back in those days... the information came from the elites and was adopted by the government to make up the official dietary guidelines.

To this day, this is still the advice given out by the USDA and AHA:

If you want to be healthy, and lose weight in the process... you should do exactly the opposite of what they recommend.

  • Don't worry about limiting your fat intake
  • Don't worry about avoiding saturated fat and cholesterol
  • Eat plenty of red meat
  • Limit your grain consumption (if not avoid them all together)
  • Avoid corn oil, soybean oil, margarine (and other processed seed oils such as canola) at all costs

The goal isn't to get the USDA to change the guidelines... the goal is to get people to ignore them all together. We don't need the government dictating what we eat.

With the power of the internet, more and more people are realizing the benefits of adopting a low carb lifestyle. It's not just about weight loss... it's about health.

Unfortunately, most politicians are in the pockets of big business, and the food and drug companies want us to continue eating their crappy processed food and taking their drugs once the food makes us sick, which makes me leary to trust anything the government ever says about diet, health or nutrition. 

Of course, I am not a doctor and this should not be construed as medical advice, but ever since I stopped following the "advice of the anointed" and started following the "wisdom of the crowds"... I've lost 100 pounds and my health has improved significantly. I'm guessing yours would too.




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