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There's a new documentary on Netflix that I certainly DO NOT recommend you watch.

It's trash. 

If it was a school project... the teacher would have flunked the knuckleheads who made the film because they obviously made stuff up to support many of their claims.

Normally, I wouldn't even make a post to bring any attention to this steaming pile of 💩 💩 💩...

but it's on Netflix, so a lot of people are watching it...

and since many of my FB friends know I am a huge proponent of the ketogenic diet...

I get asked about it often.

Now I'll simply reply with the words "pure vegan propaganda" and a link to this post.

To be fair... I haven't even watched the film and I have no plans to.

I watched the trailer and that was enough to get me to want to throw something at my TV.

I considered cancelling my Netflix subscription in protest, but there are too many other great Netflix shows I love so I can't let this one piece of shit mockumentary rob me from enjoying House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

So in the interest of fairness... I can't review a film I haven't watched. 

Instead... I've just aggregated a few reviews I've read:


If you still want to watch it... I can't stop you, but as an alternative... I suggest watching this hour long lecture by Dr. Gary Fetke "The Role of Nutrition in Everything" instead:

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