There are no shortcuts

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I have a FB friend (who shall remain nameless) who posted an image to Instagram of his scale showing that he lost 3 pounds overnight in effort to promote a weight loss supplement that he promotes via a multilevel marking company claiming that it really works!!!!

The problem is, I scrolled back through his Instagram feed to May of 2015 when he first started promoting the product. In 13 months, he's down a grand total of 1.5 pounds! Woohoo!

Coincidentally, I also started eating #lchf (or #Keto) that same month (May of 2015) and since then, I'm down over 55 pounds and I didn't spend a single dime on shakes, pills, teas, supplements or and single product branded for weight loss.

There are no shortcuts to long term, lasting weight loss.

You need a solid plan, then you need to STICK TO THAT PLAN!!!!

You need to change your lifestyle. That's what the Lazy Man's Challenge is all about.

We're here to help you radically transform your life once and for all and we're not trying to sell you any kind of product on an ongoing basis.

Sure, we do ask you to put up money one time to get access to the curated information and for daily motivation to make sure you follow the plan, but we are not selling snake oil and/or false hope.

The LCHF lifestyle will help you lose weight, feel better, give you more energy and is completely safe and healthy (despite what we've been told for the last half century about saturated fat).

If you are the kind of person who can self motivate, you don't need to sign up for the Lazy Man's Challenge. Just Google the LCHF lifestyle or Keto diet and go for it!

If you'd like all the resources in one convenient place, access to a community of others who are on the same journey and there to support you, invest in your long term wellness.

The KetoCode Commandments

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