The Traditional Dieting Advice is Garbage


The traditional dieting advice is garbage!

Ever since the US government officially started recommending a low-fat diet in 1980, obesity rates have been on the rise.

For decades, "the so-called experts" have been dishing out horrible advice that had no chance of ever working long-term.

And when that advice doesn't work, they blame you for being lazy, lacking willpower, or not following the plan.

It's Not Your Fault, But it is Your Problem

"The definition is insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result"

It's time to ignore the conventional wiz-dumb** 🙉**, stop dieting, and discover how you can achieve life-changing FAT LOSS once and for all! 👊

You don't need to count calories or eat tiny portions of bland, boring food in order to lose weight. In fact, depriving yourself only sets you up for failure.

Take the 7 Day Keto Kickstart:

Simply give up sugar, grains, and processed seed oils for 1 week and experience a world of difference!

Eat this instead:


The KetoCode Commandments

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