Once again, the Keto Diet ranks near the bottom of the list


As per usual, the Keto Diet was ranked near the bottom of the list in annual diet rankings according to US News and World Report. I think this is the 3rd year in a row it was either last or close to the bottom of the list.

They say it's not sustainable long term.

10 years later, I beg to differ:

They say it's not healthy.

Before I started my low-carb journey I was in the red zone for all 5 of these metabolic health markers. Now I have 4 in the green and 1 in the yellow (I still have a little visceral fat around my belly which I attribute to the carbs I at in 2020 due to the lockdown. Had I stuck 100% with my keto plan in 2020 I would be 5 for 5 in the green and I'll get there soon enough):

My clients report similar findings. They always move from red to yellow and yellow to green. Not once has a client reported going in the opposite direction on any of these 5 important health markers.

Here's the real reason Keto will always rank near the bottom of any of these lists:

These 10 multi-national conglomerates control most of the foods you'll find in a supermarket. When you adopt a well-formulated ketogenic diet and eliminate processed foods in favor of eating real food, their profits go down considerably.

I used to spend about $50 per week on soda. Not anymore.

I used to eat fast food 5 or 6 days a week. Not anymore.

Proceed food has a long shelf life and it's cheap to produce which leads to higher profits.

High-quality meat and organic veggies do not translate to big profits for these big companies.

We support local farmers as much as possible by buying 1/4 of a cow at a time a few times a year.

We also invest in organic produce at farmer's markets or our local, small grocery store.

We do hit up Costco to buy some items in bulk (Kerrygold butter, coconut oil, nitrate-free bacon, and a few other essentials).

Another reason why Keto will always rank toward the bottom of the list:

Fewer profits for Big Pharma. When you improve your health via a low-carb lifestyle, you have less need for medication and other medical treatments. I've had several clients put their Type 2 diabetes into remission and they no longer needed insulin (always check with your doctor before you stop taking any prescribed medications).

Here's the thing about diets:

Just about any diet you try will work in the short term and just about any diet you try will fail in the long term. The trick is to ditch the diet mentality and find a diet you love and turn it into a lifestyle.

The reason Keto works for me is that the food I get to eat is delicious, nutritious, and satisfying! I don't have to worry about counting calories, measuring my portions, and I am never hungry!

I just eat food that tastes good, that fills me up, and that has everything I need to maintain lean muscle mass and promote fat burning.

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